People. Passion. Purpose.

 The company has built up a reputation for excellence across its portfolio, pursuing consumer quality on its business titles. 

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About Us

We’ve grown from a start-up in 2007 to a global business with more than 150 dedicated people and an enviable portfolio of market-leading B2B brands and events serving professional business markets.

We are defined by our values; we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture, laser-like focus on customers and we constantly adapt to the ever-changing digital information marketplace.

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What drives us

The team at Cane Media are focused on what we see as the five most important parts of the Incisive world. It’s what excites and drives us:

Marketing Solutions

Visit our dedicated marketing solutions websites, allowing you to view our full portfolio of services targeted to your preferred industry as well as access to exclusive industry reports, case studies and research into the latest marketing trends and opportunities.

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